Midterm Examinations


MIDTERM EXAM reminders

  1. The Midterms Examinations new schedule : Dec 03 Thursday to Dec 05 Saturday.
    (The 2nd and 4th year will be from Dec 03 to Dec 04 while the 1st yr (section 1C1) and the 3rd year will be from Dec 03 to Dec 05)

  2. Synchronous Google Meet classes on December 01 Tuesday and December 02 Wednesday proceed as scheduled. Classes ARE NOT SUSPENDED during these dates. (NOTE: Monday November 30 is a holiday)

  3. The schedule for examinations can be viewed in this page or tap here.

  4. To be able to take the Examinations, a student must:
    1. have paid his/her outstanding balance due for the Midterms AND must
    2. have uploaded an image of their payment document

  5. The examinations are Departmentalized. The schedule for a subject is the same for all the sections.

  6. The duration of each subject examination is 90 minutes.

  7. Examinations will be given inside the Google Classroom of the concerned subject.

  8. Students are advised to be in their concerned Google Classroom (GC) 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the subject examination.

  9. Once inside your GC, tap on the Google Meet icon in the Classwork Tab to join your classmates and the Exam Proctor.

  10. The Exam Proctor will conduct an exam orientation and check attendance before the examinations are given.

  11. Students will be required to turn on their camera during the orientation.

  12. Students who arrive late (more than 5 minutes) of their scheduled exam time will not be allowed to take the examinations.

  13. Sharing of the examination link is a form of academic dishonesty and will subject the concerned student/s (the student/s who shared the link and those students who used the link) to disciplinary action and a grade of zero for the Midterm Examinations.

  14. Only Examination "papers" submitted through the Google Classroom will be considered official and valid. Submissions outside of the Google Classroom will be given a grade of zero.

  15. Students with examination schedule conflicts must send an email to examsupport@pccr.edu.ph with Subject: Midterm Exam Schedule conflict . Please state the subjects that have time conflicts. The Office of the Registrar will verify the student's enrollment and if confirmed, the student will be advised on how to resolve the conflict.

  16. The last day to send this email is on Friday November 20 , 05.00 pm.

  17. For questions/clarifications/technical support: please email : examsupport@pccr.edu.ph