Online Document Request

Request Document

This option allows you to request for documents from the Office of the Registrar.

Some documents can be sent through email as e-documents, these are electronic copies of the original document while other documents can only be released through the Office of the Registrar in its original, printed copy.

Please be guided by our Campus Visit Policy if you are to visit the Office of the Registrar to pick up your document. Campus Visits are temporarily suspended under

Please note that release of documents require payment of document fees.

Once you have submitted your document request, we will send a confirmation email stating total fees to be paid and estimated date of release of the document either through email or at the Registrar's Office.

Students who have submitted requests for documents before August 05, 2020, either through our FB Page or via the email of the Office of the Registrar, have to fill up this Form.

Please note that due to recent MECQ declaration for the National Capital Region, school on-site operations have been temporarily suspended.

A limited number of our staff from the Registrar's Office and the Finance Office are working from home.

These Offices will try to serve all your requests but we appeal for your kind understanding and patience if you experience delays in the processing and release of your documents.

For clarifications/concerns/follow ups related to student documents, please email

Click Request Document below to start your request for documents.

Upload Payment Document

Use this option after paying the required document fees.

This Form will require you to upload a copy of your payment document.

Please be ready with the image/picture of your bank deposit slip OR a screenshot of your Online Fund Transfer OR a screenshot of your GCash transaction payment.