Special Exams for Midterms


  1. Students who were not able to take the scheduled Midterm Examination may apply for a Special Examination by filling up and submitting the Midterm Special Examination Form.

  2. The Special Midterm Examination will be given inside the Google Classroom of the concerned subject. The subject teacher will administer the examination.

  3. The Special Midterm Examinations will be given from January 28 to February 03.

  4. Students must check with their subject teachers on the actual schedule of their examination.

Requirements to take the Special Examinations:

1. No outstanding balance on tuition and other fees as of January 27, 2021.
This means student must have paid in Full or if via installment, must have paid what is due up to the Midterms and/or SemiFinals.

2. Payment of the Special Examination Fee of Ph 100.00 (One hundred pesos) per subject.

3. Uploading of payment document using the Special Exam Payment Upload Form

Last day to apply for Special Examinations : January 27, 2021.

Last day to pay the Special Examination Fee : January 27, 2021.

Last day to upload the payment document : January 27, 2021.